Friday, January 17, 2014

Wire Sizing Tools and Resources

Hello ladies and gentlemen!  To wrap up my extended series on wire sizing and voltage drop in solar systems, I want to share some wire sizing tools/resources for calculating voltage drop that can help make your life easier.

Online Wire Sizing Configurators

This is an extremely simple voltage drop calculator that assumes no conditions of use similar to my examples for voltage drop in the previous post.  It allows you to input any voltage into it, which makes it unique among the free online voltage drop calculators I checked out.  It’s simple but easy to use and understand.

This calculator lets you select from a long list of preset voltages, and gives you the choice of DC, AC, or AC three phase.  The issue with this calculator is the list of voltages is very arbitrary, there are “holes” in its selection that prevent it from being a comprehensive tool.  Other than that, it lets you adjust conductor temperature to include derating due to conduit fill and ambient temperatures.  It also lets you select your conduit type.  All in all, it’s a very good calculator for AC voltage drop and an OK calculator for DC. 

Online Wire Sizing & Voltage Drop Information Resources

These are some of the resources I have used in the past for learning about voltage drop and wire sizing.  The information in these articles is extremely useful and in-depth.  I owe a great deal of my knowledge on this subject to them.


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