Wednesday, December 28, 2011

SunPower buying Tenesol: beat me harder

Charles Manson said that you beat a man so long and after a while he gets to like the whip. What was SunPower thinking?  Do they want another whipping?  We have 50GW of cell manufacturing capacity in an 20GW world market. There are no financials on the Tensol deal so I'd be guessing if the $165mm was well spent. On the plus side Tenesol has an integration business that might be bringing a backlog.  SunPower's modules are beautiful and definitely worth a small premium but why pay $0.50/w more than the current $1/w?  Buying Tenesol does not seem like a solution for SunPower.

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  1. Solar energy is the only way for this country to use clean energy and renewable energy.