Monday, December 19, 2011

CPV: now making sense?

CPV doesn't make sense to me.  It takes a lot of expense to get the tracker to zero in on the sun and then you have to get rid of the heat from the target.  And without a battery bank to act a fly wheel in cloudy conditions, why bother?  And yet ABB is willing to invest $35mm in GreenVolts.

Don't get me wrong.  I'd love to see CPV/GreenVolts take off.  Hey we are all in the same clean energy game are we not?  CSP on the other hand makes lots of sense.  Granted it is expensive at the moment but they have the storage problem licked.  Both CPV & utility scale PV will have limited growth potential until we can get a battery in place.  I wonder what ABB is thinking?  Yes they can provide their Fresnel lens but who is going to buy the GreenVolts system?


  1. CSP does make more sense. The higher cost makes up for the more complete feature. In the long run it's better than having to deal with unnecessary problems.

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