Friday, December 23, 2011

Conergy: it's only hubris if you lose

Conergy is selling it's inverter subsidiary; the giant is dying a death by a thousand cuts.  Conergy planned to parlay their street cred into a marquee brand, manufacture everything in house and capture the manufacturers margin in addition to the distributors margin. Double your money & double your fun.  Pity about the timing. The plan was conceived in a product constrained market when manufacturers could command almost any price.  By the time Conergy finished working out the manufacturing kinks, the global capacity exceeded supply and prices started to sink. Not enough customers wanted Conergy branded product.  Their brand was not strong enough to pull the company through a product surplus market. Conergy shut down the PV plants mid summer.  Now they are selling the inverter division.  Had Conergy succeeded, they would have been heroes. It's only Hubris if you lose.

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